Slaying the Dragons

And so it came to pass that in the summer of 2007 that a group of humble Knights of the Stave came together.

Each had faced their own challenges, demons and dragons, for their paths had been long and arduous. Wiser but not wizened by their endeavours for they were each young and strong of heart and spirit, deceptively so to the cost of their many diverse adversaries.

Unbeknown to them all these life’s trials had endowed them each and all with knowledge, experience and strength to face the final array of Dragons aligned in an unholy alliance to thwart their quest to grasp the holy grail of success. Was this to be their final journey albeit their first as brothers in arms? This rocky and precipitous labyrinth has foes hidden and waiting to ambush with relentless but predictable challenges.

High in his tower the Dragon of Corporatism marshalled his henchmen. The Dragon of Bland waited to pour scorn on innovation. The Dragon of Ism prepared a host of critique on age, image etceteras. Finally Corporatism’s trump card (Joker!) the Dragon of Apathy thought about a plethora of lethargic disparagements from the four winds.

Our valiant knights laboured long and hard at their craft. Hours became days, days became weeks and weeks became months. Blood, sweat and indeed tears too flowed as they practiced their craft. As the Blacksmith sweats over his forge, as the Gunsmith makes precision an artform, as the Goldsmith creates beauty and value, as the Swordsmith provides a cutting edge and balance, so Rocksmith give you all that is finest Rock music.


Let the Dragons do their worst………..for we are…ROCKSMITH