“Shades of The Who in their heyday...excellent set from an excellent band”  “Rocksmith an oxygen enriched breath of fresh air" "Rocksmith played another blinder!”  are comments frequently lauded about Rocksmith.

Now Rocksmith stand ready to fight another Dragon, the giant games corporation Ubisoft.

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The rock band Rocksmith, from their Southend, Essex base have with their song “Tomorrow” recently hit the coveted #1 spot in the UK Unsigned Rock Band category. On an Asia download site Rocksmith songs “Nowhereland” and “Slaying the Dragons” have held  the #1 and #2 spot for a couple of weeks in the Rock Chart.“It’s the music that counts”  Rocksmith’s songs are all their own work taking influences from the very best of classic rock and blues over the years. The Beatles, The Who, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones and the Kinks are just a few influences that can be heard to tinge Rocksmith’s own unique sound.Rocksmith are prolific writers of their own quality material they have a catalogue of hits just waiting to be produced having created a style that consistently manages to excite fans across all musical genres and demographics.Rocksmith,  accomplished musicians that draw upon the experience and influences from all that is best in classic rock and blues plus a few others. The sum of the whole definitely being greater than the parts producing a positivity and energy that surges irrepressibly from the stage.Rocksmith are currently working on their debut album “Slaying the Dragons” an eclectic mix of styles and sounds where “no two songs sound alike” by design.

Rocksmith are playing all over Essex, London and the Southeast and even further a field by request and popular demand.Special thanks to Nick Oshiro for his professional online session drum tracks.


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